A question for people who would, in theory, be interested in Halloween soap sets

I’ve been making, and for the next week or two will continue to be making, Halloween soaps.

In the past, I’ve done sets of six of the same design, in the same fragrance. But it occurs to me that maybe mixing it up a bit wouldn’t be a bad thing. Or is it? Sometimes I have ideas that I think are awesome and yet have all the popularity of roadkill.

So if you have an opinion….? Even if you’re not planning on buying, but you have an opinion, I’d love to hear it.

The designs are the usual ghosts, pumpkins, and bats (however I did just also pick up a new brain mold and it’s killing me with icky cuteness). The Halloween fragrances are Woodsmoke, Candy Corn, Applejack, Leather, Pumpkin Spice, and Harvest Moon (new).


  1. I gave my friend her Christmas present on Friday(I know!) of Winter Holiday x2, Orange Clove x2 and Winter Wreath x2 (I honestly don’t remember the designs, though) and she loved the variety.

    Then, I showed her your brain soaps (Halloween is her favorite holiday). She immediately squee’d (and she does *not* squee) and started planning on how to use them in her party decorations. 🙂

  2. quinn

    How about a set of 6 guest soaps where you have 2 each of 1 design and fragrance? That will allow people to try out different scents and designs, especially if they have multiple bathrooms.

    • That’s kind of where I was thinking of heading. One set that has two ghosts, two bats, and two pumpkins, and all six fragrances are represented. Then if someone wants to order a set of six in a single fragrance, I can make that an option.

      The brains I might do separately – partly because I love the name “bag of brains” and partly because I think people are going to want the brains because they are brains (with those I think it would be more about the shape and less about the fragrance, although I would make that a mixed fragrance bag as well).

      Does this make sense? I’m only halfway into my first cup of coffee…

      • quinn

        Well, actually, I failed at communication. I meant 2 each of 1 design, and that the 2 of say ghosts have one fragrance, the two of bats have another, and the two of pumpkins have the third.

        I totally like the Bag of Brains idea!

        • Ahhhhhh. I see. I will think about that, but I’m afraid that what might happen is that I’d get lost in a spiral of trying to decide which three fragrances would work best in a set together. All the food scented ones in one set? What if nobody wants the other set, then? Applejack and Pumpkin Spice are both kind of spicy. Should I not put them in the same set, in case people get confused and can’t tell the difference between them? What if…. what if… maybe… sigh. HALDECRAFT: OVERTHINKING SINCE 1969.


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