Saturday, June 30th

And yet, I need more shelves.

That empty space above the upside-down jumbo mugs is where the shelf I was talking about yesterday used to live.

Yesterday instead of what was on my schedule — making soap and pouring greenware — I made soap and dyed yarn instead as there was no room in my studio in which to pour greenware. Everything that was on that shelf was on my pouring table. So in between making soap (I’m getting started on Halloween soaps, and have a bit of a different idea this year) and dyeing yarn, I found places for most everything in this room so today, I  can pour greenware.

We also ran the shit out of the window AC unit yesterday — by dinnertime it was completely iced over and we had to open the windows (with all four crock pots running for about ten hours, it was hot as fuck inside, and actually cooler OUTSIDE, which is just wrong). We broke out an ancient box fan and at least had a  warm breeze running over us, instead of warm air sitting on top of us.

After dinner we watched the sequel to Wall Street (Money Never Sleeps?) and I wondered how confused I’d be since I hadn’t seen the first movie. Turns out I wasn’t confused, just… glad I had knitting so that it wasn’t a complete loss of two hours of my life. I couldn’t stand the male lead, the female lead didn’t do anything but cry (or look like she was about to cry, or stop crying). I was excited at the opening credits to see Susan Sarandon in it, but… but then. Sigh. This  movie definitely did not pass the Bechdel Test.

Anyway. On to today! But first, more coffee!

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