Wednesday, June 13th

Tree removalMost of yesterday was spent out in the hot sun, standing around with Neighbor Mark, watching his 80-year old tree get removed. This is one branch of the tree. I will let that sink in. ONE. BRANCH. It’s thicker and about as tall as the tree in back of it, that I got planted… ten years ago, now.

Mostly I spent time outside because (OK, well, because I’m nosy) but also because they had to use a crane to lift the cuts up over the house, and by “the house” I don’t mean Mark’s house, because he has a large magnolia tree in the way that they couldn’t swing the crane past. By “the house” I mean “our house” and by “our house” I mean “holy fuck they estimated the entire tree probably weighs more than 20,000 pounds and they are swinging it piece by piece over my bedroom I think today is maybe not a good day to work inside.”

I tried to stay inside for a while, and I don’t know if you know, but tree guys do a lot of yelling at each other in order to be heard over the chainsaws, the woodchipper, the crane, etc…. and every time I would hear someone yell when I was inside, I would expect the next sound I heard to be a limb crashing into my roof. So I just put all the animals on the other side of the house and hung out outside a lot. I’ll have pictures later, and also about a 2-minute video of them lifting a pretty good-sized branch over my house.

Then Tim and I went out to dinner, and to a movie. Prometheus, which we were hoping would be fabulous because (a) the first two Alien movies are among the best movies I’ve ever seen and (b) Ridley Scott holds the rights to The Forever War and I’d love to see him really knock that out of the park, which means showing his studio support for his science fiction movies by going to see one when it’s in the theater.

My car is in the shop until some time today, not only getting a redonkulously expensive windshield wiper motor put in but also getting the tires replaced that he told me over a year ago didn’t have much life left in them. I’m mentally cringing at the bill, but at the same time… at least I’m not trapped on an alien planet with a sociopathic android (why is it that the androids always go crazy? And wind up decapitated?) and a giant octopus/lobster alien trying to eat my face. Kind of puts a car repair bill in perspective, right? Except that car repair bills are real, and  giant octopus/lobster aliens are not real. Hopefully.

More tree pictures later today!

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