Flying monkeys could run this place

The rare Gainesvillian Ivy Tree Monkey

Or, you know. Hanging monkeys. Whatever.

Two weeks into beginning my slow move from Etsy to my own domain, and here are five reasons why I’m already convinced it was the right move:

1. I can have more than ten categories*.

2. Category names can be more than 20 characters long.

3. Key word/search tags can be more than 20 characters long.

4. The new search feature Etsy is working on had the “unintended” consequence of directing people out of your shop (they’ve since turned that “feature” off in order to “fix” it, and sorry about all the air quotes, but seriously, what the hell).

5. Etsy supports the handmade community, except when they don’t. For which they’ll apologize. Somewhat.

Having said all that I feel somewhat like a hypocrite, since I’ll actually be staying with Etsy through Christmas of this year (albeit with a diminishing  number of items) but … meh. What can you do? Girl’s gotta eat.

*Speaking of more than ten categories; I had asked on my weekly recap over there, the following, but not gotten any answers; so I’m asking it here as well. Right now I have a category for functional ceramics, and a separate category for soap dishes and one for mugs… both of which are functional ceramics. However, the tag system here works very well, and it is possible from the page of each individual item to also click the tag and get to a page that lists everything with that tag; for example, multi-colored yarn, no matter what the base of that yarn may be. So I’m considering putting soap dishes and mugs back into “functional” and letting the tags act as sub-categories. How, as someone potentially searching for something, would you feel about that? Is it easier for you one way over the other? I have spent far too much time in my own head about this over the last week, and can’t think clearly about it any more. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. clickr (Joan)

    I would think the more tags the better. By using both, no matter what you click on, you’ll still get to what you want (& maybe get a few pleasant surprises, too).

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