The one about camera phone apps

When sunbeams attackLeaving aside the whole Facebook-buying-Instagram for enough money to take a chunk out of the national debt, what I’m more focused on is Instagram finally being available for Android phones. When I got my phone a little over a year ago, I was disappointed that Instagram wasn’t available. I saw some of the photos that my friends took and I loved the filters and borders. This may come as a surprise to most of you (not) but I do like to take me some photos.

Since Instagram wasn’t available, I went with something Craig recommended to me – Vignette. He said it wasn’t a free app, but it was only a few dollars, and worth the money. So I downloaded it, and while at first I was “well, it’s not INSTAGRAM,” I quickly grew to find the number of filters and borders that can be applied fun to play with and choose from. A year later and I definitely have favorites, and there are even still a few I’ve not even used.

Last week sometime, Instagram became available to Android users and I immediately jumped on it. So exciting! I couldn’t wait to try it out! My friend Mariana takes the most beautiful pictures with it, and oooo it’s done downloading and now I’ll — wait, that’s it? Another social network I have to learn how to use and remember to check so that when people send me messages I actually answer them? And a camera with a bunch of filters that have names, but not descriptions, so each time I take a photo I have to apply each filter to it because who can remember the difference between the filter names when all the filter buttons look exactly alike? And wait, it just applies the filter to the picture online, not to the actual picture in your camera? And about half of the filters look exactly alike with subtle and minor variations? And it doesn’t post to Flickr? And there’s no HTML code to copy so I can paste it to my website, I have to send people a link to each individual picture I’ve taken?

Screw that, I’m sticking with Vignette. Like the picture of Serenity napping in the morning sun, above. I’ll keep Instagram for a while, to see if maybe the Android version is going to be improved, but so far…? Not impressed.


  1. AnneB

    Wow. My Instagram photos are saved to my Camera Roll filtered and everthing. Each filter button shows a hint of what the filter looks like. I can send photos to Twitter, Facebook, email, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. I can also set my notifications so that Instagram would either give me a message, a banner, or an app badge showing that there’s been activity on my photos. Hmmm. Interesting differences!

  2. AnneB

    Oh, and I don’t know what platform you use, but there is a widget for the Instagram feed for WordPress… Maybe there are others out there. This wouldn’t help if the issue is about being able to put the photo inside a blog post, but I could get around that — if I were still paying any attention to my blog — by the fact that I can send them to flickr.

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