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What was your most favorite subject in elementary school, and what was the one you dreaded the  most?


  1. I always likes English (yay for reading!) and History. And I’ve always hated math.

    In my defense though, what I didn’t know in school was that I’m numerically dyslexic. It’s why numbers have always jumbled in my head and made math so hard for me. I wish I had known or someone had realized that because maybe I wouldn’t have had such a hard time with it or at least not felt so bad about myself for not being able to excel at it like everything else.

  2. Alice

    In elementary school, I liked all of the subjects because I was good at them all. I didn’t dread anything. Closest I could come to ‘dreading’ is I disliked having to memorize poetry, which, to this day, could be blamed for my extreme dislike of poetry.

  3. Favorite would have been reading, or English; dreading would have been a toss-up between math (where I could never get up the nerve to ask the questions I wanted to ask that would have maybe made things make a little more sense had I done so) and PE (where the other girls were just wretched monsters).

  4. AnneB

    Favorite: English, social studies — loved reading always, loved learning about history, other places. Still do, actually.

    Dreaded: P.E. I hated gym. I was always one of the last chosen for any team, dodgeball was a nightmare. Middle school added Math to my list of dreaded subjects, but that’s a long story.

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