The Last Two Weeks in HaldeCraft

Because of the festival last weekend I didn’t do a recap — so here’s two weeks of awesomeness!

This week in HaldeCraft: ceramics

1. Toad & Ladybug welcome sign – renewed
2. Waterfall blue ashtray – I’ve had this before in brown, but it’s sold out
3. Orange cat welcome sign – renewed
4. Duck ashtray – new item for the shop!
5. Extremely large garden gnome (with wheelbarrow) – hah! A trick photo! This was actually a birthday present I made for my friend Laura in February. She is probably rueing the day she told me she likes garden gnomes.
6. 1960s style ashtray in brown – I’ve had this before in red, but sold out.
7. Black cat welcome sign,
8. Blue ashtray with coaster – already sold. Victory to the swift!
9. Bird Welcome Sign – renewed

This week in HaldeCraft: soaps and lip balms

1. Margarita lip balm in Lanolin – new in the shop.
2. Soapmaker Favorites – previously sold out; now restocked.
3. Unflavored Vegan lip balm in a tin – new in the shop.
4. A restocking of Flower Power soap in Sweetgrass, , Monkey Farts, , Cocoa butter, and Patchouli.
5. Mint lip balm in Lanolin – new in the shop.
6. Basil scented Cattail & Dragonfly soap – renewed.
7. Ten for $50 – soap, the way you want it.
8. Tropical Vacation scented Flamingo soap – renewed.
9. Caramel lip balm in Lanolin – new in the shop.

This week in HaldeCraft: HaldeCraft HandDyed

1. Neapolitan in Tepper – restocked
2. Browncoat in Zelazny – a brand new base yarn for the shop
3. Sock club for May – July – spots will be open through late April
4. Sock Monkey in Zelazny
5. Neapolitan in Octavia– restocked
6. Irish Coffee in Zelazny
7. Soylent Green in Zelazny
8. The 40s Have Called in Zelazny
9. Neapolitan in Zelazny
10. Neapolitan in Andre– restocked
11. Red Mars in Zelazny
12. Hogtown in Zelazny

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