Operation Comfort Doll

I’ve already posted about this over on Ravelry (in the new HaldeCraft group, shout out to mah yarnies, yo!) but wanted to make a blog post about it as well, just in case anyone isn’t on Ravelry.

OK, so let me start with my apologies for my lack of total-spot-on information; Erica has told me the dates for this about six times and I always swear I’m going to remember, and then I must be distracted because POOF. ooOOOooo sparklies…..


If you are interested in either crocheting, knitting, or (gasp) even sewing a comfort doll, Wild Iris Books has a charity request. In March, they will be joining Operation Comfort Doll and making small dolls to donate to women in domestic abuse shelters. These dolls are small, six inches or smaller, and are ideal for putting in a purse or pocket where one could easily reach to for comfort during moments of stress. I think we all know the power of handcrafted items, and these dolls go a long way towards letting women who have been in wretched situations know that someone, somewhere, took some time and loving energy to make something just for them.

On March 21st and 24th (dates subject to correction if I’m wrong) Wild Iris Books will be hosting a crafting evening with some girls (technically I should say WOMEN but they all look like they’re, like, twelve years old because I am an OLD FART, so I am saying ‘girls’) from local sororities and they will be hand-sewing some of these dolls. All materials for the hand-sewn dolls, should you wish to use them, are provided. Wild Iris is asking for a $5 donation to help go towards the purchase of the materials, but they also know that a lot of us are crafters and if we’d like to show up either of those nights and bring our own materials, our wit and handcrafting experience would be welcome.

Or, if we’d like to make something on our own, they’d love to add it to the box they have in the front room. Erica told me that any small soft thing is welcome, it doesn’t have to be a doll. Thus, I spent far too much time on the Ravelry pattern search and have narrowed my choice down to Henri the Knitted Bear,Owl BabiesBoo the Bat (although that might be a little too creepy… I mean, I think they’re cute as buttons, but then, I like bats), any of the Wee Woodland Wuzzies or Chubby Chirps, or maybe even Mr. Nubbins because he’s just so darn adorable I can’t stand it. Or, you know, an actual doll, like this Pig-Tailed Dolly even though she’s a little taller than they want.

More information about the Comfort Doll Project can be found here, and the PDF with information on the charity and a pattern for the sewn doll (like the one that Wild Iris gave me a copy of) can be found here.

Thanks for reading this!


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