Wednesday, January 25th

Self-portraitYesterday was quite productive. I wish I could have taken a photo of the yarn I dyed, but it is for February sock club and I didn’t want to spoil people. So here’s a picture of my temporarily red hair instead. I love how the gray and still-bleached parts look lighter, almost reddish-blonde. Anyway. It’s weird to see my hair as mostly just one color again!

Last night after dinner we watched an 80’s movie that neither one of us had seen before, but that Rhea keeps telling me I’ve got to see – The Goonies. Well. Now I can say I’ve seen it. I’m not going to probably ever have the urge to watch the whole thing again, but it was cute. Everyone looked so young! Young Sean Astin, before he was the “fat nasty hobbit.” I think I would have liked it a lot more thirty years ago. At the time it came out, I was 16, and remember thinking that I was too old/too much a girl to relate to a movie about 12-year-old boys, and that still mostly holds true but I could appreciate it from a nostalgic “isn’t that sweet” point of view.

OK; time to move on with my day. I have a little more glazing to do, a little more soap to wrap, laundry needs to be done, etc etc etc.



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