Taking Time

Taking Time (Emma Merrigan, #3)Taking Time by Lynn Abbey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m catching up on some reviews so hopefully won’t sound like I’m parroting the one I just wrote but… having said that, I liked the first book in this series so much I ran out to find the next three.

This third book follows Emma as she comes more into her own power, forges a relationship with her mother, and helps a family get out from underneath the curse that has followed them for generations. The more she follows the curse, the farther back it seems to go, and Emma must decide how much she can do that’s helpful, for too much help at any one stage might doom others in the same family line.

And again, I really like this main character. I like that she sometimes doubts herself, and that throughout the four books you can see her grow and strengthen. I like that she’s not young, and shows her aches and pains and sometimes her loneliness. Emma is not perfect, but she is human, and I like that about her.

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