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Are you an only child? When growing up, did you sibling embarrass you? How about now that you are grown up?


  1. Alice

    I have an older brother and a younger sister. Embarrassed by them? Probably more the other way around (they being embarrassed by me.) We must give recognition to my brother introducing me to SF and Fandom. Without him, where would we all be now?

  2. I’m the youngest of two. My sister is 11 years older than me. So she was instantly saddled with babysitting duty. In a lot of ways though, I was also almost an only child too. I was 7 when she moved out at age 18. Strange in many ways to have a sibling such a difference of age.

  3. Ducky

    Only child but I had quite an imagination so that didn’t slow me down too much. I managed to convince the daycare workers that I had an older brother and sister that lived with my grandparents. Apparently, I even gave a convincing reason for why they didn’t live with me and my parents. I was consistent from day to day too, same names and ages etc. My file at the day care listed me as an only child and the director called my mom to let her know they were going to update the file, because somehow I was listed as an only child (probably because my mom can fill out a form). Well, the truth came out that I am in fact an only child, first and only of both my parents. Consequently, I have grown up with a knowledge that if I ever write a book “Miss Rita” has dibs on the first copy.

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