Saturday, December 10th

Fwd: All in a days work. I got a lot of work done yesterday. Exhibit A: my new workspace. Can I really call it my new workspace when I’ve had this desk ten years? Ah, whatever. Rearranged workspace, how about that? Most of you probably know I have this giant L-shaped desk. Recently I rearranged my office for a number of reasons, and one of those was to get a large flat space where I could glaze ceramics without having to worry if they needed to sit uncompleted overnight.

See, I have been glazing in the living room, on our tiny dining room coffee table. It’s not that it’s TEENSY tiny, but there isn’t room to have this much work spread out and eat dinner on it at the same time. And while Tim always says it’s fine whenever I have a few pieces sitting overnight, it’s not fine with me. I work at home. I am surrounded by my work. I have a tendency to be a workaholic (partly because I love what I do and partly because I am consumed with a sense of hyper-responsibility). So if pieces are sitting on the coffee table after dinner, they are looking at me. I’m trying to slack off, watch TV, relax after working all day, and … I can’t get away from the work. It’s staring at me. Making me feel pressured that it’s not finished.

That’s not really good for me, you know?! So one of the reasons for the big office rearrange was to clean off one half of the desk and let it be devoted to a painting/glazing workspace. And yes, I do have a table in the ceramics studio, but it’s covered with drying and in-process greenware, and greenware dust is *everywhere* in that room. I can’t glaze and clean greenware in the same room, as dust can settle on the not-quite-dry glaze, and disturb the piece.

I like to have things to listen to when I’m working. TV is good for that, as are audio books and podcasts. I’ll get bored, though, if I listen to the same thing day in and day out, so I like to have a mix of the three different things — that way whatever I’m in the mood for, there’s something to match that. And as there’s no TV in my office, I decided to see what all the fuss about Hulu is. Not the paid version, I don’t need it all over the house, or on my phone. Just the free version, so I can play some old episodes of TV shows I never caught when they were out, or rewatch the X-Files, or whatever. I started off with Hill Street Blues, and I’m almost done with Season One. How fun is this show? I’m loving all the late 70s, early 80s fashion, slang, and moral/social issues and dilemmas. There’s only three seasons of it on Hulu Free, though, so I’m already thinking about what’s next. I see they have a season of St. Elsewhere, and Chicago Hope, and a bunch of other things I’ve never seen (or seen just a few episodes of). Dragnet. Adam-12. Emergency. Remington Steele. Uh… what was that Hawaii show with Tom Selleck? I thought I saw that one on there, too.

Anyway. Are any of you on Hulu? Give me recommendations! I like crime and hospital shows (not so much on legal dramas, even with Law & Order I tend to wander out of the room when the courtroom scenes start) and of course science fiction. Mystery, horror, documentaries. I’m not so much into sitcoms or things with a laugh track. No Glee, no Big Bang Theory, no Two & a Half Men.


  1. AnneB

    Wow. About the only show you mention that I’ve ever watched is Big Bang Theory. I’m completely in love with it and spend every episode I see trying not to recognize just how much of their geekiness I share. I think my daughter is in love with Sheldon Cooper, which worries me somewhat — but only somewhat.

    • I’ve only seen one episode of BBT, and it was against my better judgement. But a lot of my friends are gaga over the show, and at least five of them INSISTED that I watch the season premiere because IT IS THE FUNNIEST SHOW THAT HAS EVER BEEN ON IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!

      … and then it lost me in the first five minutes when the guy I swear was gay but everyone else says is just geeky (because I guess geeky = effeminate? and whoever made that rule hasn’t been to the same cons I’ve been to!) explained his science joke to a room full of other geeks… three times. And I was like, really? A room full of geeks and you have to explain it that many times? They’re geeks, not deaf. And then another guy stole a robot from NASA and used to to jack off, only he got stuck and had to get it removed at a hospital, and then when he was loose he promptly did the same thing again. Really? This is humor?

      Later on my friends did apologize and tell me that was the worst episode they’d ever seen, but that I should go back and watch the first two seasons because they were much better. Yeah. No thanks. It’s clearly not my type of humor (I also don’t like the Three Stooges, or Seinfeld, or Friends — so clearly I’m not their market).

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