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  1. I worked to earn spending money, but was fortunate to have parents who could give me a college education without the necessity of a full time job to pay for it.

  2. While I was there, I worked. Tuition, room & board were paid, but I needed to work for books, clothes, and anything else.

  3. Yes….for the first half, I worked in an architecture firm as a file clerk….then I thought I needed a less “real” (!) job and worked at a smoothie store. One week I drank so much carrot juice I started to turn orange.

  4. Yes and no. I didn’t go to conventional college classes. The first time I did classes I worked full time but I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. The second time I was a stay at home mom so I didn’t have a ‘job’ but I still had a pretty full plate. And some day I plan on attending conventional classes. I just need to figure out what the hell I’m doing to do/be!

  5. Yup, but not full time. I worked at the college library, which was fantastic because there were some times when I could study at work. I worked full time during the summers.

  6. I worked 2 summers as a camp counselor for clothes money. College was actually affordable back when I was there. Free tuition for future teachers, too.

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