Out of (my) control

This morning when I opened the kiln, waiting for me was a perfect example of how I have no control over what happens inside the kiln. I can do my best to glaze evenly, to paint perfectly, to make multiple things the same weight or thickness or color. But once it’s inside the kiln, and the kiln is firing, I have no control over what happens. I’ve had discussions with customers about this before, when asked about why something might have a drop of another color on it, or why a part of a two-color item has dripped more on one side than another… and this is really a perfect example.

On the left, we have the mug that came out perfectly. On the right…? Not so much.

One of these is not like the other

As you can see, the bird, while the piece was firing, slid off the handle where it was balanced, and slid aaaaaaaaaalllll the way down the mug, where it came to rest wedged in between the stilt and the bottom of the mug.

Oh but wait! It gets better!


It didn’t just come to a stop, wedged in there. As the kiln continued to fire, the glaze fused (as it does) and fused it to both the bottom edge of the mug… and the stilt. That bird? That bird ain’t going nowhere. Neither is the stilt. It’s a one-hit wonder, for sure.

I just can’t decide if I want to keep it as a reminder…. or mark it up and sell it as an art piece. Heck, it could even still be used as a mug, if you were careful about the sharp stilts underneath.


  1. nakhira

    Really, with *any* hand crafted item, there’s gonna be a certain amount of shoulder-shrugging “I dunno?” as the answer to … well, life in general, but these little reminders specifically. You just hope that people = reasonable adult-type sentients, who go “that adds the human touch!”, rather than complain “it’s not perfect/exactly what *I* wanted!”

    Personally I *like* the little serendipitous reminders that, try as we might, we’re *not* infallible.

    /steps off soap box …

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