This Week in HaldeCraft

So much went up this week I probably should have broken it down into three different mosaics of soaps, ceramics, and yarn, but I didn’t think of it until I was almost done with this big one. Whoops!

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Acorn birdfeeder – renewed item
2. Neapolitan in Andre – a new sock colorway for the shop; this will be a regular colorway!
3. Basil sceented soap in a Green Man design – sold out, relisted
4. Gingerbread House guest soaps – in a new fragrance, Christmas morning.
5. Holly holiday mugs – new in the shop
6. Irish Coffee in Tepper – renewed
7. Neatly wrapped yarn mugs – let me tell you a little story about these! I was contacted a couple of months ago by Creative Knitting magazine; they were doing a spread in their January issue on gifts for knitters, and would I be interested in sending them a few to photograph and write a little blurb about? They would send me the mugs back, with a copy of the magazine. Well, who wouldn’t be interested in that, right?! The issue came out a couple of weeks ago, and after getting favorited and favorited a lot for the first week, I then sold out of the dozen or so I had had time to make within about two days. After three or four days of fielding emails and taking custom orders, making a waiting list, I decided to list four that could be pre-ordered for February (I can pour one a week, and it takes about three weeks from start to finish, to allow not only for drying time and multiple kiln firings, but also time for me to make enough other things to be fired at the same time as my kiln is not small). When I made the February listing, I had a waiting list that was full to the end of January. I sold out of the February listing in less than two days. I thought about it for a day, then made a listing for five mugs that would be ready during the five weeks of March. As of right now there is one left, however, I’ve also been contacted by someone who wants four, so April is all spoken for. When this one sells out… I honestly don’t know. Should I make another listing for the five weeks in May…? I seriously don’t know…!
8. Sock Monkey in Andre – renewed
9. Flamingo welcome sign – renewed
10. Peace symbol guest soaps in patchouli and cedar.
11. Sock Monkey in Octavia – renewed
12. Snowflake guest soaps in Christmas Morning
13. Sun Yellow bathtub soap dish – renewed
14. Neapolitan in Octavia – new regular colorway for the shop
15. Poinsettia guest soap in Christmas Morning and Pumpkin Pecan Cake
16. Grey Gardens in Octavia – renewed
17. Hedgehog soap in Sandalwood Vanilla and Sandalwood
18. Snowmen guest soaps in Cranberry Chutney and Orange Clove.
19. White owl soap dish and tumbler set – new color (or should I say, “lack of color”…?)
20. Celtic Knot Exfoliating Soap in Frankincense & Myrrh
21. Tree guest soap in Christmas Morning and Winter Cheer
22. Bird and Flowers wall hanging – renewed
23. Cedar scented Flamingo soap
24. Cedar scented paw print guest soaps
25. Pink messy yarn mug – a new colorway in the shop for this item; eventually I plan to offer all my yarn-themed ceramics in this color, as I can catch up to making them.
26. Baby blue pineapple crochet tumbler – new color
27. Neapolitan in Tepper – new colorway for the shop
28. Green footed mug – I love, love, love this!
29. Irish Coffee in Octavia – renewed
30. Another acorn birdfeeder

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