Friday photo: Sweetness


Our Thanksgiving plans were changed, as Amy said on Tuesday night that Isaac was pretty sick. We were welcome to still come down, but … neither Tim nor I wanted to risk catching it if he was still contagious on Wednesday. So I had a minor meltdown when we were discussing playing it by ear and if he was better by Friday, going down Saturday early morning and coming back late Sunday instead. But the dog’s kennel reservations were from Wednesday through Sunday morning, and I didn’t want to put the dogs in the kennel if we weren’t going, as Bridgett is old and… well, you know. I already have to lift her into the car to get her to and from the kennel, and I poke her five or six times a day to make sure she’s still breathing, and if anything… happened… and she was in the kennel and we wound up not going anywhere…? I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I mean, look at this old face.

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