Friday Photo: Who missed her kitties today?

Who missed her kitties today?

On Monday, we got the kittens fixed. I guess technically they are no longer “kittens,” being both 18 months old and fixed… but they’re younger than the other two cats so until we get new kittens in about ten years, they will be “the kittens.” ANYWAY. Bridgett didn’t seem to miss them while they were gone all day, but the minute we brought them back in (stoned off their asses, the funny things) she just kept going over to the boxes to sniff at them and make sure they were OK.


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  1. nakhira

    There is nothing both so funny and heart-rending as a kitty coming down from anesthesia – my ‘Kitten’ was affectionate as all get out but couldn’t walk a straight line to keep from falling off the steps. Dangerous, when the steps have no riser, and you can fall another floor. Cute, because, well, he was just so *happy*.

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