Three weeks of HaldeCraft Ceramics to catch up on

Your regularly scheduled week-in-reviews have been upstaged by Disney Vacations and Just Generally Being Busy… so there’s a lot to catch up on. So much in fact that I’m going to break it up. Here is what’s new and relisted in ceramics —

This week in HaldeCraft: ceramics

1. Red oval planter – new item!
2. Pair of yellow mugs – new color for an item I’ve had previously and keep selling out of.
3. 1970’s retro style owl soap dish in Baby Blue – new color (previously done as a custom order).
4. Small baby blue shell soap dish – new color for a previously sold-out item.
5. Pineapple crochet stitch tumbler in Cranberry – new color!
6. Baby blue bathtub soap dish – I’ve done this color as a custom order twice before, but honestly don’t remember if it ever made it into the shop as its own listing.
7. Oval planter in blue – new item!
8. Pumpkin spice pitcher – new color!
9. Madonna in White – really renewed item this time, unlike last time I included her in a roundup for seemingly no reason.
10. Gargoyle candle holder – renewed item.
11. Pair of Owls (in white) – restocking of a sold-out item.
12. Footed mug – restocking of a sold-out item.
13. Pumpkin Spice mug – renewed item, included in five different treasuries.
14. Acorn pen/pencil cup – renewed item.
15. Birds in Flight – renewed item.
16. Plum Blush messy yarn ball mug – restock of a previously sold out item.
17. Pair of stone-flecked white pair of owls – new item!
18. Brown stoneware-like mugs – renewed items.
19. Pink Clouds African Violet pot – renewed item.
20. Toad & Ladybug welcome sign – renewed item.

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