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Is there anything in your family, either physical or emotional (or genetic) that has been handed down through the generations?

Why yes; yes there is. This lovely hutch, from my mother’s side of the family, bought new around 1850 or so.

Books and things

You can’t really tell from the photo, but that’s the original glass still in the door. It’s ripply, and bubbly, and lovely to look at.


  1. That’s lovely! We (being my dad at the moment, but it’s coming to me eventually) have the sea trunk my great-great(-great?) uncle used to come over from Norway. Er, used to pack his things in, not to paddle across the Atlantic.

  2. Gay Haldeman

    A teapot that belonged to my great grandmother. It’s been broken and repaired and can’t be used, but I’m delighted to have it.

    Also bunions from my mother and grandmother. Sigh. Aunt Gay

  3. Quinn

    Wow.. This one required some thought. I have items from my great-grandmother, but most of those were given to her during her working career, and are from the 20s – 40s. I have some items from my paternal grandmother’s home, all purchased in 1950 when they moved in. All I can really think of, and it’s not mine, is the land where my maternal grandmother’s house sits. It is the land that my great-great grandmother purchased. Miss Fanny was born around 1875.

  4. Alice

    Too numerous to mention. So much in plastic bins being stored. When my mother died, my sister sent me most of the contents of the house. Eeekkk. I gave Lorena about 3 boxes of old books and still have many more, some dating back to the 1870s or 1880s. I already had my great grandmother’s rocking chair which somehow through many moves of many miles I was able to keep in one piece. Not quite as old but very dear is my grandmother’s concrete birdbath that still has plants in the planter edges that have been there since before I was born. They come back every year. I have some fabric antimacassars that must have been my great-great grandmother’s, based on the embroidered initals. A diamond ring enscribed Dec 25, 1913 JCK to RAA, my father’s father’s gift to my father’s mother is probably the most interesting item found in the mounds of stuff I was sent. Interesting because at that time my grandfather was a milkman and I wonder how many weeks or months of salary he had to save up to purchase it. And on and on and on. Preserving family possessions is not hoarding, I keep telling myself.

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