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So, because I need ONE MORE THING to learn how to do, a couple of weeks ago I taught myself how to make lip balm and cuticle cream. The recipe is very similar for both (the main difference being flavoring oil in the tubed balm) and I’m trying to decide which recipe I want to go with, or do I want to go with both…? So far between what I think, and what feedback I’ve gotten from passing these around, the stuff in the tube is divine (and not under-flavored like I had originally thought) and the unflavored, three-ingredient stuff in the pot is nice too (although personally I find it a little hard – as in hard to mash and get on my finger to spread on my cuticles). In the long run I’m thinking about keeping the tubes, but switching from pots to sliding tins… they’re about the size of a domino and the top slides back.

I do still have some extra from my first batch, about fifteen of each. If you’re interested in any of this first trial batch, I will not be listing them on Etsy, but shoot me an email — $2 each; after I bring them into the shop in a month or so, they’re be more in the $3.50-5 range, depending on weight. The tubes are Caramel flavored, and the pots aren’t flavored (although they may taste vaguely of honey, one of the three ingredients). While vegetarian, technically they are not vegan as I do use both honey and beeswax.

By the way; since I wrote this (Saturday morning) I’ve been looking up other recipes, and I think I may go with what’s in the tube pictured above, a similar base that also incorporates Lanolin, and a third base that is completely vegan (that one will always be unscented). Not to worry if you don’t want Lanolin, or always want unscented — everything will be both clearly marked in the listings and clearly marked on the container. Believe me, as someone with food allergies, I live for accurate labeling.


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