This Week in HaldeCraft

Some things sold this week, literally within minutes or hours of my uploading them — so I’ve left out a handful of pictures of things that would only drive you crazy because you’d want them and they’re already gone. Speaking of gone, the “R” key on my laptop seems to only be working about half the time… I’m trying to catch all the typos but I apologize now if some wods are wong. 😉

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Sunflower scented soap in a Sunflower design
2. Baby Blue yarn bowl – new color (in case you can’t tell, I’m working up to offering both yarn mugs, the yarn bowl, and the Pineapple Crochet tumbler in six colors).
3. Gray owl jewelry box – to go along with the brown one, and the one painted in detail.
4. Sagebrush gargoyle incense burner – to go along with the black one I listed a week or two ago
5. Lavender scented soap in a Lavender design
6. Roasted Red Pepper yarn bowl – new color.
7. Light Blue Jumbo mug – new color for the shop.
8. Pitcher: Purple over Purple – love the way this came out, and as it’s an overglaze of an already glazed object, I can probably never repeat it.
9. Little House on the Prairie guest-sized soap gift set – in case you don’t want to commit to nine full-sized bars, here’s a guest-sized sampling.
10. Lost in the Woods scented soap in a Celestial Moon design – one of my own fragrances.
11. Plum Blush yarn bowl – new color.
12. Pitcher: Fudge Marble over Sand – my personal second favorite of the four pitchers I listed this week (my most favorite sold right away).
13. Large alligator planter
14. Monkey Fart scented soap in an Owl design
15. Yellow yarn bowl – restocked after having sold out.
16. Brown owl Soap dish and tumbler set
17. Cactus Sand colored pitcher
18. Coffee (or tea) cup with knitted cozy – do I even have to point out the level of which this is handmade?

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