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Has there ever been a crisis in your life that brought you closer to God (as you believe God to be)? What about one that pushed you away? Or, like me, are you so ambivalent about the reality of God that the thought of relying on or getting angry at it/him/her/FSM wouldn’t even occur to you?


  1. Chris

    I’ve been through crises that have had me looking for a god and luckily enough I have come to the conclusion that there is none. For me that makes the journey through the void all the more interesting, and gives me a greater sense of responsibility for my actions. You know, since I don’t have to thank/blame some hippy Jew for what I’ve done…

  2. Sonya

    The God I believe in is always there whether I need it or not, because it’s Nature, and Things, and Reality, and all that. I guess once I realized that’s what I was talking to, I never felt closer or farther away, it was just a constant.

  3. Mackenzie’s birth and the aftermath made me understand that things happen for a reason, that we are being nudged in the direction we need to go in if we pay attention.

    That being said, there are times when I am as ambivilent as you are.

  4. Alice

    My faith is more simply constant, level. When times are tough, it’s not right to blame God. There’s a reason these things occur. In fact, that’s the time to have an increased hope and faith. When times are good, I’m just infinitely thankful for how good God has been to me. The faith and religion I was born in to required a belief in God, The Father Almighty. Even tho that religion turned its back on me for marrying outside the church, I still have a deeper faith than I am sometimes willing to admit.

  5. Sometimes I regret how spiritually shallow I am. The only time I seem willing to pray is, wait for it – it’s embarrassing, is when:

    – I have the flu – and am vomiting
    – I have food poisoning – and am vomiting
    – I drank WAY too much – and am vomiting

    So, what I’m saying is, the only time I pray is when I’m throwing up so hard that I’m actively praying for death. Otherwise, yeah, not so much.

    Sorry, told you I was shallow. 🙂

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