This Week in HaldeCraft

I didn’t list much this week, but I made about six times more things than I listed (so the next few weeks should see a lot of new things uploaded). Later today I’ll also be writing a blog post on the August Craft Market, which rocked. ROCKED, I tell you!

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Pair of Owls (in white) – a new color to go along with the top-selling brown and gray pair.
2. Pink bathtub soap dish – new color for an item I can hardly keep in stock!
3. Patchouli scented soap in a Yarn and Knitting Needle design
4. Lavender scented soap in a Baby Block design (the feet are my favorite).
5. Afternoon Skies in Octavia – previously only available in the sock club, here’s the first part of the public release.
6. Terracotta Victorian flowered bathtub soap dish – I’ve been using this as a prop in many a soap photo shoot, but finally got around to listing it for sale (it’s clean, I swear).
7. Baby Blue owl soap dish & tumbler set
8. Dragon pen/pencil cup or knitting needle holder (or vase, or penny cup, or…)
9. Nag Champa scented soap in a Cattail & Dragonfly design

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