There are worse problems to have

You know how I have started doing “Treasury Tuesday,” and I feature an Etsy treasury that included something of mine? Well, because I have a wide variety of things in my shop, I’m in a lot of treasuries. A lot. And every time I’m in one, I grab the code and pre-blog about it so I don’t forget to do it later. And every time I do this, I project it into a future Tuesday by going and looking at the date of the last one I did, and tacking one week on to that. So right now… I have a “Treasury Tuesday” pre-blogged for every Tuesday until… March 27th, 2012. THAT’S SEVEN MONTHS. Holy crap! I It didn’t seem like that much until I just wrote it down…. and we’re not even into the Holiday Treasury season yet!

“They like me! They really like me!”

I’m thinking maybe I need to double, or even triple up some treasuries, because… yesterday on Etsy, I was included into five different treasuries. FIVE! I’m a little overwhelmed, y’all! I mean, sure, none of these treasuries have ever made the front page, but… I’m in a lot of treasuries! I feel really humbled, and grateful, and thankful.


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