This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft 1. Bat guest soaps in Woodsmoke, Pumpkin Spice, and Leather.
2. Owl jewelry box – I’ve had one in a solid color for a while, but this is my first detailed one.
3. 3-pack of beer-fragranced soap – Honey Ale, Pumpkin Lager, and Oatmeal Stout. Awwwwww yeah.
4. Handspun South African Fine
5. Tropical Vacation scented Flamingo soap
6. Black gargoyle incense burner
7. Cranberry Red African Violet pot – a new color for the shop.
8. 1950s style Red flat-backed wall planter – I just love the lines on this planter!
9. Custom 10-pack of full-sized bars
10. Monkey Fart scented Hedgehog soap
11. Leaf Green Yarn bowl – back in stock.
12. Handspun Romney
13. White shell soap dish
14. Buddha in red
15. Apple scented A+ Apple soap – start the school year off right!
16. Pair of Gray Owls
17. Monkey Fart scented Sheep Soap
18. Tall sitting cat in black

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