This Week in HaldeCraft

My apologies for the wonky formatting in this post — clearly I can not brain today (I have The Dumb, as the kids say).

The only yarn I uploaded this week was handspun, two skeins of a 100% Corriedale.

Pretty, if I do say so myself!

And now for ceramics…

This week in HaldeCraft: ceramics

1. Pair of brown owls on a pedestal – new in the shop.

2. Yellow yarn bowl – previously (sold out) in green, here’s yellow!

3. Dragonfly candle holder – renewed item.

4. Tall beige cat – also available in black.

5. Ashtray with coaster – new to the shop.

6. Pill boxes with flowers – I have a set with birds, and another set of three also with flowers; but these are new.

And last (but not least)… soapies!

This week in HaldeCraft: soapies

1. Woodsmoke scented Ghost guest soaps

2. Maple Sugar scented Maple Leaf soap

3. Bay Rum scented Treefrog guest soaps (set of six)

4. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey scented soap

5. Woodsmoke scented Pumpkin guest soaps (set of six)

6. Fresh Baked Bread scented Gnome soap

7. English Ivy scented Knitty Soap

8. Patchouli scented Tree soap

9. Apple scented Owl soap

10. Apple scented Sleeping Cat soap

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