Question of the Week – 08/08/2011

Do you think before you speak? Or just blurt things out?


  1. I’m about half and half. I really do try to think before I speak, but sometimes in the heat of the moment I’ve been known to drop the f-bomb in front of my delicate mother-in-law, or say something heartless out of spite. Maybe that’s why I like sending emails more than talking on the phone? Gives me more time to first plot out my words.

  2. Alice

    It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes I am in situations where I have to think/speak quickly and still say the right thing. Example – In volunteer work as a small claims court mediator I am expected to get right to the heart of the matter and so have to quickly ask probing questions to move people along in the decisions. Sometimes just listening and not speaking at all is best. Then there was the time my neighbor told me his new granddaughter’s name was Nevaeh. Puzzled, “What kind of a name is that???” I blurted. Oh, Heaven spelled backward… oh… uh, what a pretty name…

  3. Missy

    omg!!!!! totally blurt things out. It works though – usually I’m well spoken – I gave the maid of honor speech at my sister’s wedding and I only had two little points planned. It came from the heart and I think it really drew everyone in emotionally. Sometimes it’s killer to get the point I mean across though. But I suppose that’s all part of life!

  4. AnneB

    I’ve tried to control my incredible tendency to blurt out the worst comments — it was horrible when I was growing up, and led to many painful learning experiences. I’ve managed to learn to think for at least half a second before I speak.

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