This Week in HaldeCraft

A little bit of *everything* this week (I love weeks like that). Soaps, ceramics, yarn, and gift certificates! I’ll start with the gift certificates; everything else will be after the cut.

This week in HaldeCraft: gift certificates

1. $5 gift certificate; 2. $10 gift certificate; 3. $25 gift certificate; 4. $50 gift certificate

All of my gift certificates are good towards anything in the shop; ceramics, soaps, or yarns. They are valid in the United States and Internationally; recipient of gift certificate is responsible for any costs over what the gift certificate covers (FOR EXAMPLE: an $11 soap dish, with $5.25 shipping and handling fee is equal to $16.25. Minus a $10 gift certificate makes the redeemer of the gift certificate responsible for $6.25). More information about how to purchase, how to redeem, and fine-printy things are all in the individual listings. Major, major props to my graphic designer, Marble Sharp, on the hella-cute certificate design.

This week in HaldeCraft: soapies

1. Halloween Pumpkins guest soap in Pumpkin Spice – had listed a week or so ago and already sold out; restocked!

2. Cocoa Butter scented Knitty Soap – formerly a Hanks design, I’ll be bringing these in over the next month or so. Yarn lovers, feel free to request your favorite fragrances (even if it’s not something you plan to buy right this second, I’d love to hear what you want me to make).

3. Halloween Ghosts guest soap in Pumpkin Spice – same as the Pumpkins above, I had listed a week or so ago and already sold out; restocked!

4. Cucumber Melon scented Cattail & Dragonfly soap – if you like a fresh scent that’s very light, this would be a good soap for you. Great for hot weather, the cucumber and melon smells very refreshing.

5. “That’s a vulva. What’s a football?” soap (you really need to click and read the story) in both Wood Violet & Maple and Cedar.

6. Skull Soap in both Pumpkin Spice and Applejack (as an aside, thanks to a comment Ginny posted I have an idea to write a blog post describing the different holiday fragrances and what they smell like. Sometimes just the name of something makes you want it – Pumpkin Spice – but sometimes the name – Victorian Christmas – makes you wonder, “well, what exactly does THAT smell like?”).

7. Cocoa Butter scented paw print guest soaps – popular fragrance and a popular design, back in stock.

8. Celestial Moon soap in Frankincense & Myrrh – it was time to relist this, and even though I’ve been thinking of moving F&M to the Fall only, it’s close enough to Fall that I thought I’d go ahead. But keep in mind this fragrance may disappear in January, not to be seen again until September or October of next year.

This week in HaldeCraft: HaldeCraft HandDyed

1. Irish Coffee in Andre, 2. Sock Monkey in Tepper, 3. Hogtown in Andre

This week in HaldeCraft: ceramics

1. Sunshine yellow neatly wrapped yarn mug – Funny story: I originally listed this two or three weeks ago, and it sold within hours of my listing it. I made another, listed it on… oh, Thursday? Maybe late Wednesday night? And it’s been put in two treasuries since then. Note to self: make more yellow.

2. Good morning mug – back in stock!

3. Leaf Green pineapple crochet stitch tumbler – back in stock!

4. Brown shell soap dish – new color (in stock and ready to ship).

5. Leaf Green yarn bowl – new item for the shop (and as with my other yarn-centered ceramics, I’m working on getting a good selection of colors — yarn lovers should feel free to comment or contact me with colors in which they’d be interested!).

6. Custom colored Shell soap dish – I sold out of this right before going on vacation, and put off restocking it until I got home and could get a blank one poured.

7. Baby blue messy yarn mug – a new color (I’m working on getting six colors of both mugs, just if you’re curious…).

8. Waterfall Utensil holders – new color; I’ve had these previously in Fudge Marble and they’ve sold out (I’m working on making more, just in case that’s your favorite color…).

9. Cherry Red bathtub soap dish – back in stock again!

10. Sunshine Yellow Cat soap dish – – renewed item.

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