Tour de Fleece

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have set the goals for this that I did, since I was on vacation for the first nine days of the Tour. What is the Tour, you ask? Once a year, when cyclists in France take to the roads, spinners all across the world sit in front of the TV, spinning our wheels as they spin theirs. I set a goal for myself to stash-bust, which really, what with being gone half the tour, was an unreasonable goal. Here’s what I got done –

Mordor Rubber Grapes IMG_5095

From left to right we have… two skeins of a Corriedale that are four ounces each and both at about 175 yards; two skeins of a Corriedale/Alpaca blend (one at 161 yards and one at 169; four ounces each); and one skein of a BFL/Silk blend that’s about 125 yards and three ounces.

Hrm. I guess, really, that’s not too shabby, and I shouldn’t think I didn’t meet my goal. That’s a little over 800 yards, and if you consider that all of them are 3-ply yarns then I really spun 2400 yards of yarn. So what if I only met about half the goal I wanted to meet? I was gone for half the time!

Imagine what I’ll do next year.


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