Craft Room Organization: The ceramics studio (part the first)

When last we left our intrepid hero… we had finished talking about the dye and soap studio (by the way, I’ve made a category for this now); now it’s time to move on to the ceramics studio. I took pictures a while ago, but am just  now getting around to looking through them, and I think it’ll be easier if I take it basically one wall at a time. So here we go. By the way, you can see a very early view of this room here, from when we were moving the cats out and setting the room up to be a ceramics studio.

Work station and wall

This is the first wall of the room, that the door is in. As you can see, I have begun to sacrifice bookshelf space for paint jar space. This both hurts and pleases me. Books are my friends, and I hate to put them where I can’t see them; but business is good, so I need the room for new glazes! Maybe one day business will be so good that we’ll be able to buy a bigger house. I also have a work table (covered with paper towels so that rather than try to get the greenware dust out of the wood grain, I can just replace the paper towel). Under the table are boxes; some ceramics that were in storage, my sewing machine and supplies, and tiles from my grandmother. Also a few boxes filled with shredded paper, that I take to-and-from when visiting my ceramic supply shop, in case Juanita has any greenware I want to buy. The very very top shelf of the unit is filled with stuff I don’t know what to do with, and as I’m short, I can’t easily use that space anyway.


Here are some of my glazes (as you can see, I’m a Duncan girl), and also a few odd things that don’t really have a spot. I have put random things I don’t know what to do with in the middle of the shelves, as that’s a really hard spot to reach because of the table — that way it’s not wasted space, but I’m also not putting something I need a lot out of the reach of my short arms.


More glazes! I have my glazes divided by type (glossy, designer, crystals) and then arranged by the number Duncan has assigned; this sort of messes with my love of alphabetization, but when reordering, it’s easier to go by number rather than name. So there ya go.

Greenware table

This is my table, onto which I put fresh greenware just out of the molds. I let it dry there, and then I clean it on the same table (for which I use the water and tools you see on the bottom right of the table). The box of paints does not usually live there — sadly, it doesn’t really have a home but moves around from where it’s in the way to where it’s not in the way, depending.

Want a better look at that box?

Painting supplies

It’s my painting supply box; paints are divided by type, but then just in there, as I take them out to put them in front of me on the table when I’m painting (as seen here and here). I also have my brushes in here, and small plastic cups which are great for when I need a large amount of paint. The paint jars themselves have very tiny openings, and some of my larger brushes don’t fit through very easily. It’s simpler to pour out paint into a small cup, use what I need, and pour the remainder back in.

And that’s part one of my ceramics studio! More to come, including how I store my molds, where I pour, how I keep my shipping supplies, and more.

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