This Week in HaldeCraft

I don’t think this week brought anything new (I thought there was a new messy yarn mug, but it turns out that was a restock, dur); but there are a ton of renewings and relistings!

This week in HaldeCraft 1. Pair of Pink Flamingos
2. Rosemary Mint Exfoliating Celtic Square soap
3. Mug with brown feet
4. Sheridan Leaf in both Spiced Mahogany and Woodberry fragrances
5. Marie’s Hearth scented Celestial Moon soap
6. Dragon candle holder
7. Rosemary Mint Exfoliating Longevity knot soap
8. Pair of Brown Owls
9. Watership Down soap club – I take back what I said above; this is somewhat new, as it is now a set rather than a monthly club. All nine bars in one shipment!
10. Sage Green stoneware-styled ceramic mugs
11. Sandalwood Vanilla Celtic knot soap
12. Acorn birdfeeder
13. Rosemary Mint Celtic Square soap
14. Rosemary Mint Longevity knot soap
15. Sun Yellow messy yarn ball mug
16. Skull Soap in Leather and Woodsmoke fragrances
17. Bar Fly soap dish/key holder/change dish
18. Frankincense & Myrrh Alien Head soap
19. Grooved Bar in Frankincense & Myrrh and Fresh Baked Bread fragrances
20. Rosemary Mint Exfoliating Cattail & Dragonfly soap
21. Busts of Native American children
22. Sampler set of six different fragrances – all of which are only available in this set
23. Paw print guest soaps in Woodsmoke and Cedar fragrances
24. Jumbo mug in Pumpkin Spice

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