This Week in HaldeCraft

Here’s the one where I tease you by showing you everything I listed last week, and then 24 hours from now put my shop into vacation mode for two weeks!

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Pill boxes with bluebirds – new to the shop!
2. Soapmaker’s Favorites – what are my current favorite fragrances? Click to find out! Maybe some of them are (or will become) your favorites as well.
3. Large African Violet pot in two shades of brown – so pretty that I almost kept it for myself.
4. White bathtub soap dish – you keep buying them, I’ll keep making them!
5. Good morning mug – restocked; an item that is more popular than I expected (which is a good and pleasing thing).
6. Cherry Red bathtub soap dish – again, keeps selling out!
7. Owl jewelry box – finally restocked!
8. White cat soap dish – also restocked!
9. Fire truck – quite a popular item, finally restocked!
10. Brain soap – renewed item.
11. Plain exfoliating bar – renewed item.
12. Green brain soap – renewed item.
13. Victorian Figurine – renewed item.
14. Celtic knot soap – renewed item.
15. Acorn pen/pencil cup – renewed item.

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