Happy birthday, Mommy!

Me and mom

(You know I had to do this photo; I always have to do this photo. It’s my favorite!)


    • Alice

      Thanks, Megan. We must credit the photographer, even tho he’s no longer with us. Lorena’s dad. He had lots of fun taking pictures. I recall visiting when he was close to the end. He had what was then a new fangled camera that allowed him to re-play the picture to make sure it was good. He was so tickled to be able to do that. Sad that he never got to be as old as I am now.

  1. Alice

    Also, a funny story about having this picture in my office before I retired. A new man on the maintenance team had been in my office. Saw the pic. Forever after called me ‘that hippie woman.’ And everybody knew who he meant.

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