Craft Room Organization: The Drying Rack

What has come before: Part One (dyes and fragrances), Part Two (soap fragrances), Part Three (the sink area), and Part Four (the bar).

Drying rack (all)

This is the drying rack. This makes me both happy and sad; when we closed the yarn shop to go online only, one of the things we had to leave behind was this fabulous dye bar and shelving unit that Tim had put a lot of work into. It was attached to the floor, which by the terms of the lease meant it had to stay. But the drying rack was free-standing, and since I was going to be dyeing yarn at home for Hanks, of course I was all about bringing this home. I knew, with cats, that I wouldn’t be able to use the bottom rack for drying yarn (I shudder at the thought of the mess that would turn out to be). But I could use the bottom for storage, and the top for drying yarn. And for the first few months it was fabulous… right up about until the time that Tiny Kitten figured out she could play daredevil and leap from counter to dog food bin to top shelf of drying rack. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, or don’t really know me, you might not know that Tiny Kitten has the craziest yarn fetish I’ve ever seen in a cat. She doesn’t like to play with it; she likes to eat it. Chew through it. And when she’s chewed through one strand, she’ll pick another strand. Or maybe the same strand, a few inches away. If you’re not a knitter or crocheter, I might not be able to get across the level of frustration this causes. Needless to say, since we can’t put a door there, I can no longer use the drying rack for drying yarn.

More after the cut!

The bottom of the drying rack

The bottom of the rack is primarily storage. Here I keep bins of soap molds (separated by style), boxes of guest soap molds, extra food-safe paper I use for wrapping the soaps, and also 25 lb boxes of soap base (when I’m not out). When I took this photo I had just opened the last box; I have since ordered six more, and they line the bottom of the shelf with the boxes of molds sitting atop them. You can see I also still have hangers, which I drape freshly dyed yarn on in order to carry and hang in a cat-free room to dry. I also have multiple pots in which I melt soap base; I try to have a variety of pots so that I can have a variety of soap bases (which reminds me, I really do need to use up those hemp, organic oatmeal, and shaving bases…).

Drying rack (top)

The top shelf is now used for soap freshly popped from molds; it’s where I store soap photo shoot props; and I have a few things just sitting there that I don’t know what else to do with. That bin of Lavender buds bugs me; I’d love to store it on the top rack of the dye and fragrance shelf, but it’s about one inch taller than the space I have. Maybe I need to make a ton of soap with lavender buds, and then put the rest in a smaller container?!

Next time I post in this series, we will be moving on to the ceramics room!

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