Craft Room Organization: The Bar

What has come before: Part One (dyes and fragrances), Part Two (soap fragrances), and Part Three (the sink area).

For as much of a workhorse as this counter is, there’s not really too much to talk about.

The dye and soap making area (overall)

I put small crock pots on here for melting soap base, or larger ones for dyeing yarn (depending on whatever the week calls for). I can switch them out, or do a combination of tasks – there’s plugs enough for four pots, and room for four (five if they’re VERY COZY).

Underneath the counter is storage, and if I were a crafter who cared about making my workspace pretty, I would make curtains to hide the under-storage mess. However, when I think about that, I think about spilling soap and dye all over them… and also I don’t enjoy sewing… Sigh. Maybe I’m just too much of a practical crafter. I get stuff or put stuff under there five times a day, and I know me. I know curtains would bother me, having to slide them back and forth so often; so eventually I’d just leave them open. Which defeats the purpose of having curtains to cover the sight of stuff. What are you gonna do?!

From left to right, we have… a large bin of bird seed, which I have noplace else to put; a selection of guest soap molds; crock pots for dyeing (the soap crock pots are currently on top, as is a large block of base that I’m in the process of cutting down). Then I have more soap molds; the ones in back I hardly use, and the ones in front I use most often. There’s also a small container of yarn in the back on the right; stuff I’ve lost the label to and can’t remember the base, or kitten-nommed yarn that one day I’ll need to deal with.

From the door to the sink

Here’s a side view of the same unit. I go through a lot of paper towels; but find cloth towels to be pretty impractical for what I do. They’d wind up covered in dye and cut to hell due to the Awesome Knife of Awesome Doooooom.

You know, for about a 10×10 room, I’ve really packed a lot in here! There’s one more post on this room to come, about the drying rack. I should have that up in a day or two!

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