This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft It just occurred to me that “This Week” might be confusing, since it’s really a recap of LAST week. Hrm. Last Week in Haldecraft…? No, that makes it sound as if that were the final week. HaldeCraft Recap…? No, if I’m doing two word titles, they need to start with the same letter. HaldeCraft Highlights…? That makes it sound like a hair salon advert. ANYWAY. Here’s what went on in the shop last week…

1. Black cat welcome sign – new to the shop.
2. When Pigs Fly soap – this one scented like Fresh Baked Bread!
3. Cherry Red bathtub soap dish – new color for an item I can hardly keep in stock!
4. Graduation hat guest sized soaps – new to the shop (and a fourpack of popular fragrances, not a set of four of the same fragrance).
5. Pair of sandy beige mugs – I’ve had these mugs before, but not in this color.
6. Wedding bell guest sized soaps – new design for the shop.
7. White bathtub soap dish – I can hardly keep this in stock!
8. Frankincense & Myrrh scented vulva soap – to paraphrase a friend of mine, “now YOUR football can smell like Jesus!”.
9. African Violet pot in two shades of green – you keep buying them, I’ll keep making them!
10. Yellow messy yarn ball mug – new color!
11. Sugar Skull Madonnas – renewed item; and I’m hoping to have five new ones finished to bring to the Craft Market this Sunday!
12. Brown spotted mug – renewed item.
13. Woodsmoke scented yarn ball soap – renewed item.
14. Literary Soap Club: Volume One – renewed item.
15. Jumbo blue mug – renewed item.

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