Friday Photo: The sink and window

Lately I’ve been getting into this website called Pinterest; it’s sort of a cross between Flickr and a Facebook photo album. Think of it as a giant cork-board onto which you can pin photos of things you like (inspiration for home or crafts, recipes or photos of food, style and fashion, things to do with your garden… you get the idea?). You can either repin things other people have pinned, or find photos on the web and pin them.

Lately I’ve also been feeling kind of unorganized. I have so many crafts going, in so many different rooms, and while I am reasonably organized I suffer from the delusion that somewhere out there is a home ceramicist who also makes soap and dyes yarn, and *they* have the perfect organized setup and if only I saw a photo of their craft area I would immediately become neater and more organized.


(Please ignore the fact that I actually do have a pretty good system in place, can put my hands on anything I need within minutes, and even though I’m not terribly good at cleaning up right after a big project, I do clean and organize pretty regularly.)

Actually, don’t ignore that, because that’s pretty much the point of this post and Friday Photo. I spent yesterday cleaning the dye and soap bar, and taking photos. If I can’t find inspirational photos online, maybe I need to PUT inspirational photos online.

The sink, and window

I’m going to be doing a series of posts over the next week or two on how I organize my craft areas. Not *how I craft* — this isn’t going to be a series of tutorials — but *how I stay organized while I craft.*

If there’s anything you’re curious about, any questions you have about how I might keep a particular place somewhat organized, please don’t hesitate to ask them. I’d love to answer specific questions (as well as the rambling on I’m sure I’ll do).

The rest of my 2011 photos can be viewed here.


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