This Week in HaldeCraft

I think I never did do the one last Sunday; I uploaded all the photos and did the mosaic… and then got sidetracked by “Game of Thrones” excitement. So we’ll just pretend I did tell you, and move on to this week.

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Baby Blue owl soap dish & tumbler set – I’ve had a brown one (currently sold out) and have done a number of custom ones; now I’m trying to make some in colors that I’ve had custom requests for in case other people want them (that way they don’t have to wait for the 3-week turnaround).
2. Nag Champa scented Cattail & Dragonfly soap – new to the shop (in this combo; I’ve had both the fragrance and the design, but at last they meet).
3. Roasted Red Pepper neatly wrapped yarn ball cup – I’m finally catching enough to be able to list some of these in different colors. Huzzah!
4. White Cat welcome sign – I’ve had a custom one up for a while that’s gotten a lot of views but no purchases; so I thought I’d just start making some to see if I can hit upon that one person with a fill-in-the-blank-colored-cat who wants to purchase one right!now!. I also have a black one, and an orange one, for sale at Wild Iris Books if you’re local to Gainesville.
5. Lavender scented Baby Block soaps – the “feet” blocks are just the twee-est things ever. EVER!
6. White shell soap dish – new to the shop, in the color white. I have a custom listing and it’s been so popular I haven’t been able to make any except for those (horrible problem, I know, right?! LOVE YOU!!!!) and I’m catching up now and making some for on-the-shelf sales.
7. Good morning mug – sold out and restocked!
8. Custom Sugar Skull Madonnas – sold out and restocked (well, is it really stocked if it’s a made-to-order listing?); this is a listing for when/if you want a Sugar Skull Madonna but either don’t like the ones I currently have on the shelf or want something specific as a gift for someone. I also have, not pictured, about six of them for sale at Wild Iris Books, if you’re local.
9. Dragon pen/pencil cup or knitting needle holder – sold out and restocked!

I’ve also had quite a number of custom orders in the last few weeks, and… they’ve been from people I don’t know! And I want to thank them; thank them for trusting my creative vision (they’ve all been absolutely lovely to work with), thank them for ordering from me (there are a lot of shops out there). But I also want to thank y’all, my friends and family who have made custom orders from me since I opened HaldeCraft in August. Because of the work you’ve given me, I have things to show off — and because I have such a variety of things to show off, I get more sales. I’m not able to give myself a paycheck yet, but I can pay my sales tax every quarter, and so far I can still pay for my fancy-pants new phone, and I have money to keep buying supplies. I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this, but… this is kind of starting to work out! So, thank you. Really. From the bottom of my black and bitter little heart. Thank you!

Coming to the shop next week, for the Gator/gardening fan… five different alligator plant pots!

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