This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Sunshine yellow Cat soap dish – new to the shop.
2. Fresh Baked Gnome soap – new to the shop, this little gnomey smells like fresh baked bread!
3. Sitting Buddha – new to the shop.
4. Leaf green Dragonfly candle holder – back in stock!
5. That’s no football – and it smells like Cedar – back in stock!
6. Leaf Green neatly wrapped yarn mug – back in stock!
7. Cocoa Butter Paw Print guest soaps – renewed.
8. Patchouli scented Tree soap – renewed.
9. Apple scented Sleeping Cat soap – renewed.
10. Monkey Fart scented Owl soap – renewed.
11. Brunette Virgin Mary – renewed.
12. Apple scented Owl soap – renewed.

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