Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga

Yarn: Perhaps Today is a Good Day to Dye

PatternBaba Yaga by Lorena Haldeman

Notes: I had this idea for a sock, and was unsure as to what to call it when a friend looked over, glanced at the pattern, and said “those look like Baba Yaga house feet!” and thus, the name for this pattern.

Baba Yaga, if you don’t know, is the Slavic form of what those of us in the States typically think of as a wicked witch. She flies around in a pestle kidnapping children, and her house is built on chicken legs and can move around at will.

This pattern for these toe-up socks is charted, and probably wouldn’t be great for a first-time sock or chart knitter; but the adventurous intermediate knitter should be able to handle it, and of course the advanced knitter should be able to whip these out in no time.

Advanced sock knitters should also please feel free to insert their toe and heel of choice (I know I tend to ignore other’s instructions unless it seems to be integral to the pattern as a whole, and I encourage others to do the same. While the ribbing at the top does flow out of the pattern as neatly as I could make it, neither the toe nor the heel should be considered set in stone).

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