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The free program I usually use to make mosaics was giving me fits this morning, and I’m tired of fussing with it – so instead I’m just using individual photos this week. (I know, I know; am I really allowed to complain if it’s a free program?)

Clicking on the picture will take you to a larger picture; clicking on the name will take you to the Etsy page.

Nag Champa scented peace symbol guest soaps Set of six Patchouili scented Peace Symbol guest soaps – people keep buying ’em, I keep making ’em!

Flamingo welcome sign Flamingo welcome sign – honestly, I can’t believe this hasn’t sold; it’s been up there for four months… maybe warmer weather will get people thinking of Florida and Flamingos.

Buttercream & Snickerdoodle Cupcake Soap “All Mixed Up” Cupcake soap – every time I see this, I want cupcakes. Mmmm. Cuuuuupcakes.

Celtic Knotwork soap Coffee scented Celtic Knotwork soap – mmm, talk about a wake-me-up!

acorn birdfeeder Acorn Birdfeeder – still on the quest for the perfect color combination; this seems to be it (except the hole glazed in, even though I blocked it… sigh).

Watership Down soap club Literary Soap Club Volume Two: Watership Down – I’m so very excited about this one! Lots of floral and herbal scents in this club.

Easter Egg soaps Chocolate scented Easter Egg guest soaps – all the yummy smell of chocolate, none of the calories (well, unless you EAT the soap, which I wouldn’t recommend).

Good morning mug Clover Green “Good Morning” mug – the bluebird of happiness gives you the eye as you have your morning cuppa.

When Pigs Fly “All Mixed Up” flying pig soap – renewed.

Flower Power “All Mixed Up” Flower Power soap – renewed.

Lavender soap with lavender buds Lavender scented soap with lavender buds – I had made these a month (or two) ago after having sold out, and totally forgot to re-list them. DER. And when I did, I sold one that day. That’ll learn me to run out!

Grass-scented Flamingo soap Cedar scented Flamingo soap – renewed.

Nag Champa scented peace symbol guest soaps Set of six Cedar scented peace symbol guest soaps – people keep buying ’em, I keep making ’em!

In other news, I’m thinking about doing some more “life cycle of a piece” posts. Sort of a start-to-finish how-I-make fill-in-the-blank. Is there anything in particular you’re interested in hearing about? Either soap or ceramics?

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