Linkdump: roundup of other roundup blogs

From My Parents Were awesome we have… Frank, who can rock the cowboy look; Steve and Rosy, who can rock the old-timey look; Ed and Jackie, who look like they’re on some 70’s TV set; someone who is unnamed but looks like a Greek statue; Mike and Brook, who look like they may know my family; someone else unnamed but who clearly has a sense of fun; Larry Malcolm, who looks like a world of fun; and Bob, who looks like he should be reading poetry in a smoky bar.

From Regretsy, we have… My potential future – Turn down that damn Victrola when I’m talking to you; and Unique? You keep using that word (I used to love Octopi); and Heart On, which made me choke on it’s snarky simplicity.

From The Customer is Not Always Right we have something that you might not think would be true, except I used to work at a bookstore and we got this ALL THE TIME a;djfa;dfja;dfj… ; and a swift comeback that made me chortle; something I can’t decide is funny or sad; and what the kids are saying today.

From Lovely Listing, we have… Isn’t the Driveway Gorgeous? and apparently that’s all, which is odd, because I thought I’d saved three or four of them. Whoops.

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