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    • ROFL — I’m a heathen, then; I like creamy peanut butter. But I like to eat it on bread with sunflower seeds in it, how weird is that? You’d think if I didn’t want crunchy peanut butter, I wouldn’t want crunchy bread either.

  1. LOL! This poll has gotten more votes than any since the Sean Connery poll I put up back in December. 😉

    So far under “other” we have…

    on bagels
    Not allergic, but grapes
    on apples, and in cookies, and eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon

    Ooo, yes! In cookies! And with chocolate!

  2. Tommy has an obsession with peanut butter, so it has a constant presence in the house though I can’t convince him natural pb is better . . . oh no it’s Jiff for us . . .it’s usually consumed straight because he’s anxious to get to the good stuff, but I think his fav is on brownies (or nownies as we make them) and ice cream all mixed up. Personally that sounds like ruining perfectly good ice cream and nownies, but I do like me some peanut butter and honey which I brought to school every g-ddamn day in elementary school with an orange until some snot-nosed mean boy started calling me orange girl and I ditched the orange to avoid the drama. I’d kick ‘im if I could remember his name. hmm peanutbutter.

    ps also pb on celery is just a cheap trick our parents used to get us to eat the stuff when we were three feet tall, I didn’t fall for it then and I’m not falling for it now . . .

  3. Alice

    I live within a half mile of the Edgewater Elementary school which has been in the national news due to a first grader having a peanut allergy. Will I be banned from having peanut butter in my house???????? I promise to wash my hands and rinse my mouth before I walk past the school…

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