This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Patchouli scented Celestial Moon Soap – new to the shop.
2. Bathtub soap dishes – a custom order for someone who saw me list some white ones a couple months ago; I’ll have some more in the shop in a couple weeks.
3. Utensil holders – I love, love, love this glaze!
4. Woodberry scented Sheridan Leaf – a new fragrance for the shop.
5. Pair of Brown Owls – I do love that these are so popular!
6. Lavender scented Cattail & Dragonfly soap – I made this a few weeks ago and have already sold out. Clearly a good combo!
7. Tree soap – renewed item.
8. Leaf green Messy yarn ball mug – I made one of these a couple weeks ago, and sold it immediately. Here’s another one!
9. Cedar scented peace symbol guest soaps – this has sold out numerous times; here’s more!

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