The Ghost in Love

The Ghost in LoveThe Ghost in Love by Jonathan Carroll

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes things that Jonathan Carroll does in his writing, like switching viewpoint characters three different times on the same page, don’t seem to bother me as much in his writing as it would in anything else. Perhaps that’s because there’s such an element of myth and magic, such an overriding sense of “rules do not apply in this universe” that I’m OK with basic rules not applying to his writing as well. However, this may also annoy the adlkja;ldfj out of some other people.

Let’s see… telling you what this book has without really spoiling it…? You could pretty much make a Jonathan Carroll checklist and mark everything as contained within here. Talking dog? Check. Death not being the end? Check. Magic realism? Check. Complicated and multifaceted characters who can be good people who make bad choices, or bad people who do good things? Check. Paragraphs that speak the truth and heart of things that we all feel but can not always articulate? Check. Did I mention the talking dog? Really. It’s not a Carroll book if there’s not a talking dog.

As a whole this is not my favorite Carroll book, but I did enjoy it. Some things were so well-phrased that I immediately wanted to call up about three different friends and read the paragraph out loud.

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