Build me up, Buttercup


Yarn: Classic Elite Classic Silk, which I love, love, love! A little dry while working with it but fucking butter soft after washing.

Pattern:  Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier

Notes:  The problems I had with this were many, and they were all me — this is a hella easy pattern and I am pretty sure I plan on making it again at least once. Having said that: I bought the yarn specifically to make this in May of last year, with the intention of blowing right through it. Then the shit hit the fan in June, and I just didn’t have time to cast on or really even think about working on it. I think I finally cast on for it in… September, maybe? After that it was a comedy of errors as we discovered that Tiny Kitten likes to chew through yarn *and* eat needles. There are more ends woven in on this motherfucker than as if I’d started a new ball every five rows. And I think I had to order needles for it twice. Maybe three times. I got halfway through it and it was far too big, so I ripped out, and started over. About two weeks ago I thought “I need to finish this if it hurts me”… and I tried to get a little bit done every day. When I finally got to the washing and blocking part… it’s just so soft! Did I mention soft? How about soft? Oh, and it’s soft, too. I’m going to wear the crap out of this come springtime!

Buttercup - lace Buttercup Buttercup - bottom lace

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