This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft I had great hopes for this week when it started, and then I promptly got sick again and was listless and cranky most of the week (hence not really being overly social). Still, I got a few things up in the shop.

Clicking on the big photo will get you to the photo; click on the links below for the Etsy page.

1. Literary soap club gift basket – all the soaps that came from my first literary soap club, in one package.
2. A Pirate’s Life (grooved bar) – some of you requested samples last month when I had mentioned this; this is a fragrance I blended myself, and it’s a mix of Cedar, Patchouli, Mysore Sandalwood, and Leather. Bring on the rum!
3. A Pirate’s Life (green man) – same fragrance, different design.
4. A Pirate’s Life (celestial moon) – again; same fragrance, different design.
5. Brown spotted mug – I glazed this, didn’t like how it turned out, and overglazed it and fired it a second time. I doubt I could repeat this happy accident, so this is definitely a one-shot!
6. Love mug – I finally found the mold for this late last year, and have so many ideas for different colors in which to paint this!
7. Custom 2-color pitchers – that pretty much says it all. It’s a pitcher. Any two colors you want, that I can match.
8. Jumbo blue mug – a re-listing.
9. Dolphin “welcome” sign – I listed this about four months ago, and sadly it didn’t sell; however, I’ve knocked $2 off and re-listed it.
10. Pink compote – another re-listing.

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