I just don’t even get the “color swap” feature

I really don’t even understand why this feature is on the camera. It was on my last one, too, and if Canon was going to get rid of one thing I’d rather it was this than the panorama feature. Sigh.

I just don't even get the "color swap" feature

1. Bridgett in Yellow, or at least somewhat yellow. This is what she would look like if she were a Golden Retriever rather than a Newfie. A Golden from outer space, via some cheap late 1970’s B-rated flick.
2. Greenery in blue, although it seems to have turned the grass red. What grass there is that hasn’t perished at the mere thought of another night near 30.
3. Yellow walls in red and 4. Yellow walls in green; this is about all I can see that this feature is good for. If you’re thinking about painting a room and can’t imagine what the new color might look like, you could do this. The current color is a yellow/orange, most noticeable nearest the lamp. But should I want to paint my room red or green…? This might give me an idea as to what they might look like.

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  1. Alice

    I always think it’s best to take the picture as it really is, then fool around with it in photoshop if you want to do weird things with colors. I do panoramas by just taking the pictures around in a line, then joining them into the pano in p’shop.

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