In previous linkdumps I’d linked to stories of a school that used student’s laptops to check in on them at home, and those links included happy stories such as the one student accused of popping pills (spoiler alert: IT WAS CANDY). The school settled in October. And we’re alllllll sure nothing like that will eeeeeeeeever happen again. :koff: :koff:

Here’s one for Sharon – grotesque taxidermy!

Ever since reading On the Banks of Plum Creek I’ve been fascinated by grass roofs. Apparently Norway gives out an award every year for the best roof incorporating tradition turf – I love these photos!

Here’s another one for Sharon – if I’d had $7500, I totally would have bought this for you! Related: Welcome to my Dome-cile.

For those who like either found art, typewriters, or cephalopods – an octopus made from typewriter parts.

Here’s one for Linda, I bet she knows a child or three who would like the Little Librarian Kit!

I am not a fan of eating meatloaf (possibly it falls too close to the “guess what you just ate” game); but I like the look of this Mummy Meatloaf!

Ahahahahaha! It’s true. Love will tear us apart.

Did you see, a few months ago, the video of the woman in England dumping her neighbors cat into a trash bin? Yeah. Ow, my eyes just rolled so far back into my head they got stuck. Apparently in addition to town-wide ridicule and death threats, she’s been fined. I’m not saying I’ve never done anything supremely stupid on the spur of the moment, but… damn, lady.

Too late for Halloween (I didn’t realize I’d been holding out on you guys so long!), but here it is anyway – The Candy Hierarchy.

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