Tim’s actual birthday day

Tim's birthday dinner

On Tim’s actual birthday, the 3rd, we got together with family for dinner – we’d opted to have his Brazilian feast on Sunday so that he’d have a longer stretch of time during the day to cook, a longer party time frame, and he wouldn’t have to stand at the stove for hours and hours after working all day.

So Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe had us all over for dinner, and I really do love it when our families get together. His parents are about the same age as my aunt and uncle, and so it’s really neat to hear them swap stories. Even though they all grew up in different parts of the country, they were exposed to many of the same things while growing up. And Tim’s dad and my uncle get on like a house on fire (they’re both incorrigible troublemakers, but too adorable to do anything but roll your eyes at). And of course everyone listens raptly when Rusty breaks out a story, as not only can he turn a phrase, but he’s got a great speaking voice – and is interesting and funny to boot.

Family = Good Times!

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